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Welcome to Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas: a conscious living company honoring the communiqué of Gaia and her sacred plant relations. We provide light infused beverages to the conscious consumer.

Plants & Consciousness

All creation holds a vibratory frequency. Plants are themselves living systems of transformed light. Plant spirits have made a hospitable place for us to inhabit through their life cycles of oxygenation. Light vibrations are continuously emitted from the life force of plants. Plants also nourish us through their language of color, taste and aroma.

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Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas are ancient holistic remedies utilized by our ancestress lineage. In many lands and in many places women communed with Gaia in reverence of her wisdom. Plants give healing powers to those who study them, work with them and respect them.

Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Teas are blended to hold specific patterns of light frequency.

Each Sacred Rose® blend infuses and activates a specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pattern for those who drink these healing blends. This is achieved through the senses, both with the taste and aroma of the blends. Sacred Rose® teas are consciously blended honoring the indwelling of light on our planet, in our living Gaia; communing with us as we are ready to receive their inspiration. Sacred Rose® teas create a vibratory resonance in the locale were the teas are being brewed. We highly recommend you allow your tea to breathe. Infuse the air of your home with your blend of choice. Brew and drink your tea with conscious choice attuning yourself to the living light frequency of your most favored Sacred Rose® Organic Herbal Tea blend.

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